Göran Eriksson

Alto sax, clarinet

As a young kid Göran Eriksson learned the recorder by himself and played along with jazz records in the keys of C, F or G. At 17 ge got a clarinet from his father and about the same time he started playing the banjo. Very soon he was a”maestro” on both instruments. One year later he borrowed an alto sax and following  the examples of Benny Carter, Charlie Holmes and Johnny Hodges he soon became a sought-after professional musician.

Göran Eriksson moved to France and had an amazing career. He was one of the founders of the successful band Jazz O’Maniacs and played in some of the best French jazz groups like Les Haricot Rouges, Irakli’s Jazz Band, Anachronic Jazz Band as well as Annie Fratellini. When he moved back to Sweden he joined Kustbandet. Beside that he is heard in Stockholm Classic Jazzband, Swedish Jazz Kings, Harlem Jazz Camels and in many other constellations. In rare and golden moments he brings out his recorder and plays a virtuoso jazz solo.

Recently saxophonist Daniel Huck wrote in the French jazz magazine Jazz Classique: ”I have admired Göran Eriksson for 40 years…. his solos are perfect both harmonically and rhythmically. They are models for melodic richness of ideas, and they are perfect both in an intellectual and stylistic  sense.”