Jens “Jesse” Lindgren

Band leader, trombone, vocal

Jens ”Jesse” Lindgren plays first trombone, sings, is the leader and MC of the band. Jesse had his basic training as a jazz trombonist by playing revival and New Orleans jazz at school dances and at clubs in the medieval cellars of the Old Town of Stockholm.

Jesse’s musical influences are the jazz trombone players of the 20’s, like J C Higginbotham, Miff Mole and Tricky Sam Nanton as well as New Orleans pioneers like Kid Ory. He masters playing in these styles both with a bluesy and an avantgardistic approach. Beside that he is an excellent sing musician. Jesse is a central character in Sweden for music from the 20’s and 30’s. He has played with Orange Kellin, Maggie’s Blue Five, Bent’s Blue Rhythm band and Swedish Jazz kings, to name a few. Besides in Kustbandet Jese plays with Stockholm Classic Jazz band and Jesse’s New Orleans Band.

Jesse has also an international career, foremost as an invited soloist to a variety of venues where jazz from the 20’s is played. For a great number of years he has produced and presented jazz program for the Swedish Radio Corporation.