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Kustbandet at Huddinge Jazzdagar, 2001. Photo by Christer Landergren







This page contains information for bookers and club owners on how to hire us and what we need on/off stage, our stage setup, booking information, etc. If you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact Jens Lindgren.

Amplification and microphones

Kustbandet always prefer playing acoustically, but in situations where amplification is required, microphones should be placed in this order:

  1. String bass(1), singing/vocals (2), piano(1)
  2. Saxophones (3), trumpets (2), Trombone (1), Tuba (1)

For small environments, the orchestra has its own amplification equipment and microphones. On larger venues, we kindly ask the arranger to supply whatever he/she feels is necessary.

Our stage setup

On stage, we require seven chairs without armstands, and a tuned piano. The placing of the sections always vary depending on the stage’s design, but our two main variants are (roughly):

First variant:

Second variant:

High-resolution pictures

High-resolution pictures are available in our image gallery, in the album High-resolution pictures.


For bookings and information, please contact Jens Lindgren:

Jens Lindgren
Skräddargränd 2B S-111 27
Stockholm, SWEDEN
Phone: (+46 8 ) 20 52 30
Fax: (+46 8 ) 22 52 30